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Back To School Happy Halloween!

July 29, 2015

Can we chat about how … early … things are happening? I have nothing against early in general. I try to be early for just about everything, whether I am dragging three kids with me or not. I hate being late and I can not explain why. Late certainly happens on occasion, but early is what[…..]

Franchise now!

July 22, 2015

Do you have a child who is Minecraft obsessed? I know all of mine are! Launch Official has an exciting new contest! To enter, visit our Facebook page and look for the post with the photo below. Like and share the post to be entered for a chance to win this awesome creeper backpack stuffed[…..]

Instagram of the week!

July 15, 2015

Have you seen this post taking over the internet yet? Farrah Abraham (from Teen Mom), instagrammed a photo of her daughter Sophia posing with her tooth fairy riches. Jewelry, a pocketbook … and yes, what appears to be 6 one hundred dollar bills. $600. For two teeth. I’ll let that sink in a minute. Around these parts, the rate[…..]

Trying again

July 8, 2015

Every month, we talk a little about helping kids to be successful. We have touched on volunteering, raising readers, even apps to help kids continue to succeed over the summer. This week I thought we would talk about what it’s like when we try new things. This summer, my boys are getting the opportunity to do[…..]

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Boy jumping into foam pit