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9 Memorable Father-Daughter Day Ideas For Active Kids

9 Memorable Father-Daughter Day Ideas For Active Kids

A day together can mean a lifetime of happiness. Build that foundation with father-daughter day ideas that deliver interconnectivity and fun.


“Father engagement positively affects social, behavioral,
psychological and cognitive outcomes of children.”
The Fathering Project

There are moments in a father and daughter’s life that are monumental, from the first time a new dad holds his little girl to the moment he walks her down the aisle. In between, fathers can make the most of the opportunities to reinforce that magical connection with their daughters. If your child is active, be creative with your father-daughter day ideas and make your time memorable.

Studies show that young women (and young men, too) benefit from time spent with their fathers.

Here are father-daughter day ideas that are sure to please both dads and their little girls, too.

For active fathers, involve your daughter in activities you enjoy.

1. Help with home improvement projects

01-9-memorable-father-daughter-day-ideas-for-active-kidsRaise a DIY (do it yourself) girl and give her skills and confidence to lead a fuller, more capable life. Whether you build something together, do yard work, plumbing, or hang pictures, you will be fixing more than just what needs repairs at home.

2. Work out together

If you’re a dad who likes to exercise, join the YMCA so she can come with you. Typical gyms seldom allow kids under age fourteen on the premises to participate in workouts. Most Y’s offer a variety of activities for fathers and daughters to do together like swimming, running on the track, exercise machines and classes.

3. Share a sport

Sporting father-daughter day ideas develop athletic skills and encourage competitive spirit. Go to the driving range or batting cages, play a game of catch, or shoot a round of pool.

4. Explore the outdoors

If you are the type of dad who likes to hike, fish, or camp, include your daughter in the experience and let nature be the bridge that connects you.

02-9-memorable-father-daughter-day-ideas-for-active-kidsNot sure what father-daughter day ideas your daughter will agree to attend?

5. Ask her on a date

There is nothing more fun than a “date” with your dad. Go out to eat, to a father/daughter dance, or to a movie. These intimate moments are scheduled opportunities to enjoy each other’s company.

If your interests aren’t appealing to her, you can always participate in typical kid fun.

6. Have some interactive outdoor fun

Frisbee, jump rope, and hopscotch are other father-daughter day ideas for active girls and their dads. If your child is older and has outgrown sidewalk play, try boating or horseback riding as solutions for interactive, outdoor fun you can do together.

7. Hit the road 

03-9-memorable-father-daughter-day-ideas-for-active-kidsGo on a bike adventure together. Bike riding is an excellent activity that not only burns off energy but also provides a destination to reach together. There are limitless possibilities to where you will end up, at the park, the beach, on a picnic, or just ride for the pure love of riding.

If you’re not an active dad for whatever reason, all you need to do is be present.

8. Take an interest in your daughter’s preferred activities

Attend her dance class, gymnastics, karate, yoga, or team sports event. The important thing is simply showing up.

9. Trampoline play is perfect for everyone

Whether you’re an active dad, or prefer a more low-key activity, you can join in or observe and let her bounce away with a father/daughter outing to Launch!

At Launch, there are numerous father-daughter day ideas for every type of dad and daughter. Bounce along with your little girl, watch her perform stunts, let her interact with other kids, play dodge ball, or take a turn shooting hoops in the jump pit or arcade! Spending time at launch is great exercise, whether you are young, a teen, or a grown up. And when you work up an appetite, Launch offers a variety of things to eat in our cafe.

Is your father/daughter time a special occasion? If so, give her the gift of a Launch party with friends. You can host birthdays and other celebratory events at Launch or give a gift certificate for a playdate with a chosen few. Find the nearest Launch location today!