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What to Do Over Christmas Break With Restless Kids

What to Do Over Christmas Break With Restless Kids

Wondering what to do over Christmas break to keep your kids occupied — and your sanity intact?

Christmas break is one of those things that parents love to idealize. You’re in the holiday spirit and looking forward to some time off to spend with friends and family – especially the kids who finally have a break from school and extracurricular activities. You think about all of the fun you’ll have together and memories you’ll make. It’s going to be great!

However, once they’ve opened all of the presents, devoured all the baked goods, and the excitement of the season has worn off, things can go downhill fast. You can’t pull the kids away from their glowing screens, you can’t keep the house clean, and everyone is starting to get cranky. Before you know it, you’re dreaming about going back to work and sending the kids off to school.

There’s good news, though! Every year, you get another chance to have an outstanding break over the holidays with your kids — and this year, you’re going to get it right.

The best way to figure out what to do over Christmas break is to plan ahead. Get a list going of all the possible activities you can do, and then sit down with your kids to make a calendar. It will help to have a loose schedule of sorts for the break that everyone can look forward to.

Not sure where to begin? We’ll help you get started.

What to do over Christmas break: 10 activities to avoid cabin fever

1. Go shopping

This is an excellent activity for the days immediately before or after Christmas. Take the kids shopping before the holiday and get them involved in buying presents for others (and not just receiving them). After Christmas, you can take them out to use any gift cards they received that are already burning holes in their pockets. Don’t forget to buy a little something for yourself, too.

2. Volunteer

If you haven’t shown your kids how important it is to volunteer in the community, Christmas break is a wonderful time to start. Yes, you’ll get them out of the house, but they will also learn to connect with the community and gain satisfaction and pride from helping out others.

3. Go on an overnight trip

How often do you have free time just to do “whatever”? Instill a sense of adventure and discovery in your children by hopping in the car and going on a short road trip. Look for interesting places to stop along the way and then stay overnight in a hotel wherever you decide to stop. Just remember, you’ll get bonus points if the hotel has an indoor pool!

4. Play video games — together

Your kids love playing video games, but you’ve never figured out the appeal. Instead of doing the dishes or reading a book while they play Mario Kart, ask to join in! Show a genuine interest in the games they enjoy and get a little competitive. It doesn’t pull them away from the TV, but it does make playing video games more interactive and engaging than if they were to play alone and zone out.

5. Go ice skating

Winter sports can be hit-or-miss depending on where you live and what the weather is like, but most areas have an ice skating rink (indoor or outdoor) open to the public. Ice skating is a quintessential winter activity, and it’s always fun, even if you spend most of the skate time falling.

6. Bounce!

Want your kids to be active and stay warm at the same time? Visit Launch Trampoline Park to bounce all day long. Be sure to visit your area’s Launch website and click on the “Programs” tab — there are usually fun events going on all the time, especially over school vacations, to keep kids occupied.

7. Host a party

Your kids probably had to go to a lot of “boring” family events to celebrate the holiday. Reward them for their patience and let them invite some of their pals over for the day to have fun. Brainstorm games, make yummy treats, and enjoy the company of others parents (they’ll probably be thanking you for getting their kids out of the house!).

8. Schedule appointments

OK, so making appointments isn’t fun, but if you have a ton of free time on your hands for once, take advantage of it! Schedule any doctor, dentist, orthodontist, or optometrist appointments during the break. Oh, and don’t forget haircuts, either! You’ll all get out of the house, and you’ll be relieved that these necessary appointments are taken care without taking time out of work or school.

9. Break out the board games

Your kids love video games, but when is the last time they played a classic board game? Have a family board game competition where you choose a few of your favorites and compete against each other. The kids may whine in the beginning, but after a few rounds, they’ll be hooked.

10. Go to the movies

Many big movies come out over the holidays, so schedule a movie outing with the kids to take advantage of the great selection. The best part? You can order your favorite candy and enjoy your kiddos sitting in silence for two hours. Pure bliss. You can also stay in and watch a movie. Make some popcorn and settle in for a holiday classic or add a little fright to these chilly winter nights.

Feel free to use any of these ideas, or get your kids in on the action and brainstorm some of your own. The most important thing is that you enjoy your time off with your family and that your children stay active and happy.

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