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5 Benefits of a Trampoline Exercise Class for Kids & Adults

5 Benefits of a Trampoline Exercise Class for Kids & Adults

Bounce the day away with your son or daughter and take full advantage of all the benefits of a trampoline exercise class

00-5-benefits-of-a-trampoline-exercise-class-for-kids-and-adultsKeeping kids entertained on the weekends and during school breaks can be…challenging. Your son or daughter is begging to see the newest animated flick, but you want to get up and out and do something more active. You could go to the playground or go for a hike, but you’ve been there, done that.

A great compromise that both of you will love? A trampoline exercise class!

One of the main benefits of a trampoline exercise class is that it’s an enjoyable activity for both kids and adults. You’ll be able to clock that much-needed quality time with your child and get a crazy amazing workout at the same time. Even if there’s not a class you can both agree on, you can each take separate classes and meet at the end for a sweaty hug, lots of water, and some time to share how much fun you had.

Need more reasons?

Check out these benefits of a trampoline exercise class

01-5-benefits-of-a-trampoline-exercise-class-for-kids-and-adults1. It’s low-impact and easy on your body (but not too easy).

There are tons of different types of exercise out there like running, dancing, and team sports. While they’re giving you the basic benefits of working out, they may be a little harsh on your body. For example, when a 150-pound person is out for a run, which is a high-impact activity, 300 pounds of pressure comes down on the ankles, knees, and hips every time a foot hits the pavement. Over time, this type of activity can take its toll on your body.

Trampolines, however, reduce the impact of your body going up and down, so jumping becomes a low-impact (but high-intensity) form of exercise. According to Natalie Rado, a personal trainer in New York City, “One of the major benefits is that it’s a low-impact workout — the trampoline absorbs 80 percent of the shock when you do things like plyometrics (explosive moves) or jog in place.”

2. Your child learns to associate exercise with fun.

Growing up, many of us learn that exercise is something we need to do — which automatically makes it seem like a chore. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t like bouncing on a trampoline, though, which means they’ll undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of a trampoline exercise class now no matter what.

The positive experience will leave fond memories in their head of getting physical activity, and hopefully, as they grow into healthy adults, they’ll continue seeking physical adventures that make them happy.

02-5-benefits-of-a-trampoline-exercise-class-for-kids-and-adults3. It’s so much more than bouncing.

Okay, so you like the idea of taking a trampoline exercise class, but you just can’t picture what it will be like. Is it just people bouncing up and down for an hour? No way! It will depend on which class you take, but most trampoline fitness classes combine plyometrics, cardio, and strength-building aerobics to create a high-intensity, low-impact, full body workout. It’s possible to burn up to 1,000 calories per one-hour session, so bring a towel because you’re gonna sweat!

4. You’ll boost your mood and reduce stress.

The physical benefits of a trampoline exercise class are more immediately evident, but the mental benefits are just as significant. When you engage in at least 12 minutes of aerobic exercise, your body starts releasing endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals from the pituitary gland that make your brain happy (as if bouncing on a trampoline wasn’t making your brain happy enough already)! You’ll walk out of your trampoline fitness class feeling stress-free and with a smile on your face.

03-5-benefits-of-a-trampoline-exercise-class-for-kids-and-adults5. It’s an awesome way to make new friends.

There’s something about jumping up and down with strangers that brings people together quickly. Trampoline exercise classes give you an opportunity to meet both adults and kids in your area that may have similar interests as you and your child. You could meet new playmates for your son or daughter, or another parent to get coffee with during the week. You never know until you put yourself out there, let your guard down, and start bouncing.

Even if you don’t think a structured fitness class would be right for you and your child, it’s still possible to have a fun, active day at a trampoline park. Spend the day freestyle bouncing with your son or daughter and challenge each other to see who can jump the highest. You’ll both get off of the couch for the day and create lifelong memories in the process.

Psyched to burn up to 1,000 calories in a trampoline fitness class? Find your nearest Launch location and get ready to sweat and smile!