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Is Jumping on the Trampoline Good Exercise?

Is Jumping on the Trampoline Good Exercise?

Rewinding to the good old days of “rebounding” answers the common question: is jumping on the trampoline good exercise for your physical and mental health?



What sounds better, running for 30 minutes, or jumping on the trampoline for 10? According to NASA, you get the same benefits, and it’s called rebound exercise, or “rebounding.”

Trampoline exercise is said to offer the same benefits as aerobic exercise, not to mention an active stimulation of your immune system, but without 85% of the shock your body gets from running and even walking.

How is jumping on the trampoline good exercise?


A man named Al Carter came up with different distinctions of bouncing on trampolines for health.

Strength bouncing: The most active of all the bounces is the “strength bounce” and is the only one of the three types that requires both feet off the trampoline. It raises your heart rate like aerobic bounces, but is also helpful for abdominal and lower body strength.

Aerobic bouncing: Like most aerobic exercises, an “aerobic bounce” is meant to get your heart pumping and elevate your heart rate. It could involve running in place, or even dancing. You’ve probably seen classes called Bounce Aerobics in your local gyms that have trampolines.

Health bouncing: For the elderly, young, compromised, or even those in good health, a “health bounce” is simply a gentle rocking on a trampoline that will stimulate the immune system.

How is jumping on the trampoline good exercise for your immune system?


Believe it or not, jumping on a trampoline can keep you from getting sick. You may already know that when lymph nodes are actively cleaning themselves out, it’s tough to get sick.

What you may not know is that gravity plays a huge role in increasing circulation in your lymph nodes. Dr. Samuel West, a lymphatic specialist who advocates for jumping on trampolines and rebounding, has said that it’s the best way to circulate the lymphatics, and that it can prevent more than just the common cold—it can prevent illnesses like cancer and arthritis.

If you’re inactive, your cells just hang out in your body collecting toxins, but when your lymph system is active, it’s cleaning those cells, feeding them, and carrying the toxins away.

Think about all the times you’ve tried to get that last bit of ketchup out of the container but you had to shake it well before it would come out. That’s a (very general and admittedly not very scientific) summation of the toxins in your body loosening up enough to pass through your lymph system and be cleaned out, and the cleaner your body, the better you’ll feel.

How is jumping on the trampoline good exercise for your mental health?


It’s a good thing that all types of exercise increase serotonin levels in the brain, because otherwise, why would anyone walk in place on a rolling mat like some kind of factory-made toy? Certainly, not for fun! However, after 30 to 60 minutes, no matter what kind of exercise you do, your raised serotonin and dopamine levels will surely make you think it’s worth the time!

What’s great about trampoline exercise is that you get all the physical health benefits, as well as the mental health benefits. This not just from the exercise, but also because bouncing is so much fun! You won’t ever dread your workouts. It’s like the difference between walking on a treadmill and hiking in the woods. You can change your workout into so many variations on a trampoline. You can also work on your balance, and never get bored because no bounce is ever the same.

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