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5 Simple Exercises for Teens on Trampolines

5 Simple Exercises for Teens on Trampolines

Encourage bouncing for better health, using these simple exercises for teens.



If you are concerned that your teen may not be getting enough physical activity, you are not alone. It seems like the average teen is exercising less than ever before while facing additional stress with pressure to achieve excellent grades, participate in extracurriculars, and balance a social life. According to federal health data collected in 2012, only 1 in 4 teenagers regularly get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity daily.

As a parent, you know more exercise for teens is critical for physical and mental health. Tala Fakhouri, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, noted:

“We know that physical activity in childhood strengthens your bones [and] increases your muscle mass. It also has effects on psychological well-being in kids and teens. It increases their capacity for learning, their self-esteem, and it may also help them deal with stress.”

Simple exercises for teens practiced regularly can make a big difference in overall health and well-being, but it’s clear teens need some extra encouragement and incentive to get moving, and busy parents need more ways to make it fun and engaging. At Launch, we offer a year-round, active entertainment destination that offers a convenient, fun way to get a great cardiovascular workout, while also being low-impact for the safety of your teenager’s joints. Bouncing on a trampoline also improves coordination, balance, and flexibility and is an excellent way to reduce stress.

Start with these 5 simple exercises for teens on trampolines

012-5-simple-exercises-for-teens-on-trampolinesFor the full body physical and mental health benefits we’ve discussed, here are five fun and simple exercises for teens to try when they visit the Launch Trampoline Park!

Simple Side to Side Bounce: Begin by bouncing in place. As you jump higher, move from left to right when you touch down. For an added challenge, increase the distance between your landing bounces.

Aerial Jumping Jacks: Stand tall with arms at your sides to start. As you bounce higher, kick your legs out to either side, keeping them straight. Simultaneously, reach arms out to the side in the traditional jumping jack formation. Return to form with arms at your sides and legs straight beneath you before landing. Advanced: attempt to clap hands above your head during the jumping jack.

Tuck Jumps: As you bounce up, pull your knees to your chest and grasp your hands around your knees or ankles. Release your knees and lower legs as you return down. Land standing tall with your arms over your head.

022-5-simple-exercises-for-teens-on-trampolinesSeat Drops: Begin bouncing up in place. As you go up, raise your arms above your head. Lift your legs up forward in front of you, so that you land bouncing directly on your rear end. Reach your arms toward your knees, palms down as you land softly. Out of this seated position, you will move back up to standing in starting position.

Twists: While bouncing up, turn in the air, facing the opposite direction for a half-twist. Continue in a circular motion or switch back and forth. Advanced: Complete a full twist 360-degree rotation.

Motivating teens to exercise more often

To encourage a successful exercise routine or habit, remember three things: Make it fun, make it engaging, and provide variety. All of that happens here with several uniquely engaging sections of the park and with an open jump, your teen can explore them all! These five simple exercises for teens are just a jumping off point; there is so much more to do at our parks for endless fitness fun!

032-5-simple-exercises-for-teens-on-trampolinesMake exercise social and allow teens to hang out and explore here with their friends in a safe environment. Encourage them to start a friendly competition on our Slam Dunk Basketball Court or trade tricks bouncing into the Foam Pit! Our Dodgeball Courts are a popular attraction. It’s easy for teens to join in and make new friends while participating in ongoing games.

Another way for teens to stay engaged is for them to enjoy a regular, fun night out for the entire family. At Launch, there is enough variety for everyone to stay entertained. Let loose, listen to great music, and practice moves together on the giant Main Court. At most of our locations, there is also a designated Kids Court for your little ones so you can keep an eye on them while your teen is exploring independently. We even have an arcade and cafe in which the family can take a break and enjoy a snack together.

Lastly, check the schedule at the nearest location to see when it will be hosting Teen Night or other special events that might appeal to your family. Find the location nearest to you!