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Is Owning a Bowling Alley Franchise Profitable in 2022?

Bowling is a time-honored tradition. It’s been part of Friday night fun with the family, friends, or a date night for decades. The question, though, is how profitable is a bowling alley franchise in 2022?

The bowling industry is working to rebuild after facing a steep decline. While bowling alleys are slowly rising again in popularity, what is catapulting into the spotlight is family entertainment centers.

Below, we’ll provide why investing in an entertainment center that includes a bowling alley is a much more promising business venture.

How Much Can a Bowling Alley Franchise Owner Make?

The most pivotal factor when looking to establish a successful bowling alley is location. Many bowling alleys are seeing a higher profit if they’re in the neighborhoods where families have a combined household income of over $100,000 a year.

Alternatively, the family entertainment center industry is predicted to see immense growth in the upcoming years. According to a market data forecast, the global entertainment centers market size is projected to reach around $50 billion by the end of 2026. Centers like these become destinations. People will seek out centers that provide entertainment for every member of their friend group or family.

Bowling Industry Growth Trajectory

To take a look at the future of the bowling alley franchise, let’s do a quick recap of the past. There’s been a consistent downward trend in the bowling industry, which saw a 0.3% decline between 2017 and 2022. The market size of bowling in the U.S. has declined faster than in the arts, entertainment, and recreation sectors.

The primary damaging factor to the bowling industry is high competition and its lack of appeal to younger consumers.

The future of bowling and its profitability is there, but it will take work. Bowling centers must transform into family-friendly destinations with upscale amenities that appeal to people of all ages while maintaining the traditional components of a bowling alley.

Why Might a Family Entertainment Center be More Profitable?

A multi-activity family center may offer you the potential for higher ROI because of its ability to be a destination for a much broader swath of customers.

You’d be investing in an industry that doesn’t need an image makeover and doesn’t have to worry that consumer trends will shift away from their lone activity. The variety of games, food, and activities offer endless combinations and the flexibility to update quickly when consumer habits change. A bowling alley is often included in these entertainment centers, so if your heart is set on having a bowling alley, it’s still completely within your reach.

The family entertainment center is making strides in an industry that’s only trending upward. These facilities continue to adapt to meet consumer needs and trends, and their ability to evolve and match their customer’s needs is what will continue to earn them success.

How Launch Entertainment is an Industry Leader

Launch Entertainment sets itself apart from other entertainment centers with our innovative adaptations. Ours is a business that runs on creating long-lasting memories, for every age and interest. This mindset has created an abundance of innovative ideas and attractions that make Launch more than a regular trampoline park — and so much more than just a bowling alley.

Consider Investing in a Launch Franchise

If owning a bowling alley is on your mind, you can have that and so much more with a family entertainment center like Launch.

Launch empowers our franchisees to enjoy the independence of small-business ownership while being supported by a big-business network. If you’re interested in owning your own entertainment center, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!