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Ninja Fun Course

It’s a challenge unlike any other. Try conquering obstacles such as the Rail Fly, rolling bridge, wobbling steps, web walk, ninja steps, climbing walls, and more at Launch Doral.  Specially and carefully designed to offer the right amount of challenge and fun, our Ninja FUN Course offer guaranteed fun for all ages. Add a Ninja Bracelet and you will be able to electronically track your times and scores!

Ninja Bracelet

Compete with others and with yourself. With our exclusive Ninja Bracelet, you will be able to electronically time every single one of your runs. Can you get your name to the Best Scores display? Get your results (and some pictures too) by email.

Trampoline Courts

Bring your friends and catch some major height on our trampoline courts! Rain or shine, you can LAUNCH into slam dunk basketball, foam pits, or our kid’s court for even more awesome ways to launch around. Come see what all the fun is about at Launch in Doral, FL!


Slam dunk! Bring your basketball game to new heights at the slam dunk trampoline basketball court. Launch in Doral, FL is the place to practice your trick shots and become your team’s MVP.


Come dodge and dive while catching tons of massive height on our trampolines! Here at Launch in Doral, FL we believe that everything is better while defying gravity with friends. This isn’t your average game of dodgeball!

Launch Pad

The Launch Pad makes you feel like a professional stuntman while having fun with your friends at Launch Doral, FL! Who knew falling onto a big bag of air could be so much fun?

Tumble Traks

Tumbles, cartwheels, backflips, and more can be done on Launch Doral, FL’s Tumble Traks! The extra long trampolines make it easy for you to show off your flips and tricks in front of all your friends.

Battle Pit

Join the fun on Launch Doral, FL’s multi-attraction battle pit! Challenge your friends to joust on our battle beam or bosu balls, then test your skills on the slackline. One wrong step could have you falling into our foam pit!


Pretend you are a circus performer on the slackline at Launch Doral, FL! Try to get all the way across without falling in the foam pit.

Launch Eats

Re-energize for another round on the trampolines or at one of our other great attractions with a quick bite at Launch Eats! Launch Doral, FL has everything you need to fuel your fun, from pizzas, fountain drinks, slushies, snacks, ice cream and more!


The Launch arcade in Doral, FL is where friends can challange each other with some of the most popular games around, and win tickets to trade for prizes!