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Ignite – Glow Party

Come check out Launch in DORAL after dark! Bring your teens and their friends to the park for glow in the dark jumping, dunking, and dodgeball under the blacklights. We’ll provide the glow lights, awesome music, and fun – you bring your friends!

* Launch Grippy socks are required

Toddler Time

Toddler Time at Launch Doral is a great experience for kids 5 and under. Our energetic staff will lead the kids in fun trampoline games, a few rounds of trampoline dodgeball, and even have some free time for open jump fun! Join Joey the Kangaroo and Friends every week for a fantastic time!

  • Improves strength and balance while minimizing strain on growing joints
  • Age-specific time to enjoy the entire park
  • Great way to socialize children and teach them how to work well with others

* Launch Grippy socks are required

Ready For Fun?

Call 305-800-JUMP (305-800-5867) or Inquire Below