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Have you been dreaming of opening your own business? One of the best ways to get started in a successful venture is to become a single-unit franchise owner. In this arrangement, a franchisee buys one location of a franchisor’s business along with the right to use the franchisor’s brand name, business model, etc. while operating that location. Unlike the multi-unit franchise model (where a franchisee owns two or more locations and hires managers to run them), the single-unit model allows a franchisee to have much more control over the day-to-day management of their location. Single units are the most common type of franchise and offer many advantages, especially to first-time business owners. Here are three reasons it may be right for you. 

Lower Costs 

One of the main reasons that new businesses fail is because their owners run out of money. That’s why it’s wise to avoid overspending when you’re first starting out in any business. Fortunately, when you partner with a reputable company, your franchisor will verify that you have the capital you need to operate your business, and they’ll train you to anticipate future expenses. An obvious way to keep your initial expenditures low is to invest in a single unit, which will naturally be less expensive than purchasing two or more units. Plus, you’ll have fewer operating expenses for a single location as compared to the costs of running multiple ones.  

More Oversight 

Opening a franchise is like starting any other business — there are risks involved. As a single-unit franchisee, you’ll get to manage the day-to-day operations of your location, so you’ll have more control over how the business is run. You’ll be in charge of hiring and firing employees, determining how much money is spent on various operations, supervising customer service, ensuring that employees are following company guidelines, managing quality control and more. You should be directly involved with employees and customers, you’ll have the ability to spot issues when they arise and stop them from becoming bigger problems.  

Enhanced Opportunities 

If you’re a new business owner, being a single-unit franchisee allows you to learn the particulars of all the franchise’s systems and processes. According to Entrepreneur’s “The 10 Commandments of Franchise Ownership,” the franchise owners who are most involved in the business are usually some of the most successful. As you learn more about running your business, you may come up with ideas or methods that enhance performance at your location and for the franchisor. As your success mounts, you may decide that you’d like to expand to become a multi-unit franchise owner. 

Launch Entertainment Provides Excellent Franchise Opportunities 

Whether you want to start out as a single- or multi-unit franchisee, Launch Entertainment has excellent opportunities you should consider. Our service-based, high-margin business model provides customers with the kind of fun experiences that will have them coming back again and again. We’re much more than a trampoline park. With climbing walls, bowling lanes, laser tag, an arcade, Krave restaurant, Bar Hops and more, each Launch location is the perfect place for kids and adults to enjoy active entertainment in a family-friendly environment.  

Contact Us Today to Learn More 

Just as our trampolines help customers fly high, our corporate training team will teach you how to take your new business to incredible heights. We have multiple markets available and are positioned to expand across the United States. Fill out our contact form to get started with Launch! 

Franchise Opportunities

Welcome to the United States! As a foreign investor looking to establish yourself, perhaps also your family, in the U.S., you have several options open to you. If you have the drive and the capital available, then opening an EB-5 franchise may be your best choice. 

What is EB-5? 

The EB-5 immigrant investor program is a program the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service administers for prospective business owners seeking to immigrate to the U.S. The program allows foreign investors like yourself to apply for a green card by investing in a qualifying commercial enterprise in the U.S. and planning to create and preserve 10 or more permanent, full-time jobs for qualified U.S. workers. The name EB-5 comes from how participants in this program receive an employment-based fifth-preference visa.

What Qualifies as an EB-5 Business Idea? 

If you’re looking for EB-5 business ideas, it’s important to keep in mind the qualifications. To qualify for a visa, you must invest at least $1.8 million USD in your business, or $800,000 in a targeted employment area (TEA). Qualifying TEAs for this program are either rural areas or areas experiencing high unemployment. If you’re investing in a pre-existing business, there may be additional requirements. If you invest in a commercial enterprise established prior to Nov. 29, 1990, the enterprise must change into a new business or expand to add at least 40% to its net worth or employees. 

EB-5 Franchise Opportunities

Now that you know what’s required for an EB-5 franchise, you need to decide how you’re going to establish one. Starting your own business from scratch requires a good deal of business acumen, not to mention knowledge of whatever industry you’re starting. Additionally, depending on which country you’re immigrating to the U.S. from, the domestic market here may be unfamiliar territory for you. Industry standards and U.S. regulations may also be different to you. 

Investing in a franchise can be a good way for a newcomer to the U.S. to start their own business. A franchise location ensures you’ve got a ready source of advice and guidance in the franchisor, as well as fellow franchisees. The franchisor can also help connect you with the necessary service providers, such as suppliers, as well as provide you with services of its own, like market research and advertising. Franchises often have prospective markets already scoped out, which will help take the guesswork out of finding your best choice for an opening location. The motto of franchising is “in business for yourself, but not by yourself,” which for a newcomer to both the country and your market of choice is a good position to be in. 

While the advantages of investing in a franchise are noteworthy, it’s important to also consider the challenges it may bring. As a franchisee, you will need to meet the requirements of your franchise agreement, particularly following the franchise business model. Franchisors also charge a fee for the use of their brand and separate fees for various support services such as marketing and business consulting. Finally, depending on the franchise, the initial investment and staffing requirements for a single franchise location might not be enough to meet the EB-5 qualifications, so you might need to invest in multiple franchise units to qualify. 

Get Your Business Off the Ground with Launch

If an EB-5 investment opportunity sounds like the right path for you, then Launch Entertainment is a great option. Launch Entertainment is a part of an industry that is expected to keep growing for years. According to the Allied Market Research Study, the Family Entertainment industry generated $25.14 billion in 2021, employs more than 61,000 people and has 6,000+ total locations in the United States. The industry is expected to grow to more than $69.55 billion over the next five years, a 10.9% CAGR. Your initial investment will meet EB-5 qualifications, and with Launch’s eye toward expanding territories, there’s lots of room for growth in the U.S. 

If you want to learn more about franchise advantages with Launch, and how to get started with Launch, fill out a contact form today! 

As parents search for more ways to get their children back on track and more socialized with their peers, the demand for high-quality, safe learning environments is rising. Childhood development is at the forefront of parents’ minds since widespread lockdowns isolated young families.

The 2022 Child Day Care Market Research Report shows the industry has grown at an annual rate of 4.6%. But with that growth comes the realization that preschool franchises may cost more than they’re worth for investors. 

When researching child-focused franchises like a preschool, investors should also consider the demand for active play spaces that foster childhood development in a safe and fun environment. 

While preschools offer more curriculum-based learning, active play spaces, including Launch, encourage fitness for the whole family. To keep kids and parents engaged, Launch offers a variety of physical and fun activities, including group exercise classes, trampoline basketball and dodgeball, foam pits, and open jump time so parents can bring their kids as an alternative to outdoor parks and playgrounds. 

Another reason Launch is an excellent alternative to a preschool is the ability to incorporate several income streams, including events like birthday parties, family and corporate events, or parents’ date night.

When considering preschool and family entertainment facilities like Launch for an investment opportunity, it’s essential to consider asking some critical questions so you can make the most informed decision.

How much do preschool franchises typically cost?

Although financing options are made available for qualified individuals through the Small Business Association (SBA), potential franchisees must understand the cost of starting this new venture.

For some preschools, the initial investment for a 13,000-square-foot school could cost nearly $5.4 million, according to the Creative World School website. Their table shows expenses including:

Pros and cons of opening a preschool

Opening a preschool on your own comes with some benefits, including minimal education requirements, the luxury of not having to place your own child in daycare, and the ability to operate on a smaller scale out of your home. 

Although you’re not required to enroll a certain number of children to cover the costs of significant expenses mentioned above, you’ll still be required to meet safety standards for infants and small children. These requirements can tack on additional fees that may be significant if an older home needs to be updated.

When investing in a preschool, you’ll need a significant amount of capital to get started and the knowhow to retain good teachers. Although franchises offer team support, much of the responsibility to stay afloat and increase profit is up to you.

Alternative franchises for active play

According to IBISWorld, the market size for indoor play centers is $658 million. These indoor playgrounds offer games, food, party hosting, play areas, and snacks. Adding additional income streams like a parents’ night out, CPR certification course, or other child/parent-centered activities is a great way to supplement your income when running an indoor playground.

Indoor playgrounds offer child development-centered activities for social skills; they keep children active and healthy, are a great alternative for days with bad weather, and are an excellent option for birthday parties. In addition, indoor playground franchises are relatively low maintenance and require less staff on payroll than preschools.

Many potential investors interested in education franchises may want to rethink their investment unless they’re genuinely passionate about the education piece of the business. 

Explore franchising with Launch

If high startup costs and maintenance fees are of concern, indoor playgrounds are an excellent option for investors and allow children and families to enjoy fun and safe socialization. As parents continue to praise the safety inside these family entertainment centers, potential franchisees should take note of their needs and the high demand for family fun.

Launch has one of the lowest insurance rates in the business thanks to our safety record. It’s a great franchise opportunity because of our robust support system and the opportunity to join a forward-thinking culture with a community built on unique experiences and family fun. Launch is one of the fastest growing family recreation trends and shows no sign of slowing down, with more families looking for alternatives to outdoor parks and playgrounds on hot or rainy days.

Launch offers operational support, local marketing, and national advertising. The team also assists with proven business management, systems, and policies and procedures to take the guesswork out of running your business efficiently.

Contact us to learn more about the franchise opportunities Launch Entertainment has to offer. 

Launch Franchise

We’ve all heard of franchises, but many people don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of building a booming business that spans dozens or even hundreds of territories. Strategic franchise development is essential for building and growing a profitable franchise, and there are many moving parts to ensure its success. 

Let’s cover the basics of franchise development and how its processes can often make or break your business.

What is franchise development? 

It combines sales, marketing, legal and real estate. It is the strategic process from the beginning stages (concept) through the expansion phase and beyond.

So, what’s involved in the development process, and who’s responsible for ensuring a franchise hits the ground running and remains sustainable? 

First and foremost, you must create a franchise business plan. This blueprint will include a profile of the target buyer, franchise fee, royalty fee, advertising fund model, and more. Another critical step to building a successful franchise is mapping out a profitable financial model for both franchisor and franchisee.

The development process also involves the management of legal documentation and the state registration process. A Franchise Disclosure Document must be provided to and updated annually with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in order to sell franchises in the U.S. 

A franchise system must have a fully defined and documented operations system in the operations manual and legal documentation. This manual will be a critical sales and training tool for the franchisee.

What does a franchise developer do?

The role of franchise developers is to streamline different areas of building up the franchise, including working with digital marketing companies, branding agencies, business consultants, and franchise and trademark attorneys. Because the FTC closely regulates the process, a franchise developer is the point person to ensure all regulations and requirements are met on both the federal and state levels.

Like a general contractor builds houses, franchise developers manage the entire development process and work closely with business owners who envision taking their franchise nationwide. Some of the essential tasks developers tackle are:

More specifically, a Franchise Area Developer is responsible for the growth and expansion of the franchise to multiple locations and is typically called a multi-unit developer.

What is the franchise development process? 

As the franchise developer spearheads the “concept to creation” process for a new business, it’s essential to understand their detailed approach. The process works in phases, including:

This can seem like a pretty hefty task list for one person to handle, which is why many franchisors hire a team of developers to ensure the process runs smoothly. Typically, once a franchise developer or team starts working with an owner, they remain on board as active members of the franchise.

Mark Murphy, our Director of Franchise Sales/Development, handles all things dealing with the development of our franchise at Launch Entertainment.

Are franchise developers in-house or outsourced? 

While Launch is lucky enough to have someone on our leadership team, smaller companies typically don’t have the budget to hire an in-house higher level professional to operate the business. 

Tasks like bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and other back-end support can be outsourced to one company that provides cohesive services. Outsourcing technology is also standard in franchising until budgets allow for in-house help. Of course, outsourcing gives new business owners access to a larger talent pool and the ability to free up more time for themselves by delegating a lot of the operational responsibility.

At least in the beginning stages of developing a franchise, real estate development and marketing are two areas where outsourcing makes sense. Eventually, if the franchise is doing well, these can turn into in-house positions.

Launch, which opened in 2012, started franchising in 2013. We now have over 25 locations with an ambitious growth plan to continue expanding across the U.S. Murphy is in a key role to oversee that expansion.

What are signs of a strong franchise?

When researching a franchise, there are many things to consider before investing and committing to a team. Here are a few key factors to help determine whether a franchise developer is strong enough to succeed.

Financial success. You can look at previous FDDs to determine whether a business has shown consistent growth. Explore the franchise’s past financials by exploring Item 19 in the FDD. 

High-demand market. Look to see if your potential franchise is popular and in demand. Is this service something the market needs and is currently looking for? Launch is a service-based business that specializes in providing indoor fun for children and adults alike. 

Brand recognition. Being able to recognize a brand means there’s consumer loyalty, therefore increasing the demand for more locations. Simply put, more consumer loyalty can increase the franchise’s value and put you on top as an owner. Launch has been building our reputation for 10 years, and in fact can boast some of the lowest insurance rates in the business thanks to our safety record.

Sustainability. Since the onset of the pandemic, more people are looking for ways to protect the environment and invest in their future. Sustainable businesses are not only a part of a growing trend but aim to minimize their carbon footprint and negative environmental impact. 

Replicable business. Ask yourself, does this franchise offer multi-unit options? If so, your chances of exponential growth are much higher than a single unit franchise. Look at how many units a franchisee typically owns and runs efficiently. This may be a good sign that the business is able to be replicated and profitable.

Consider franchising with Launch

A deeper understanding of the franchise development process and the developer’s role can help you differentiate a good investment from a poor one. At Launch, we’re proud of Murphy and our entire franchise support team.

We are a standout franchise in the family entertainment business, having evolved from our start as a trampoline park into a wildly popular entertainment center. Launch offers trampoline courts as well as a battle pit, laser tag, dodgeball and other thrilling activities. In addition, franchise owners can diversify their income streams by hosting birthday parties and other social events, selling merchandise, operating our in-house Krave pizza restaurant and offering locker rentals. By offering memorable experiences, you can gain repeat business. 

Contact us to learn more about jumping into a Launch franchise opportunity of your own.

Husband-and-Wife Duo to Open Family Entertainment Center Franchise in Massachusetts

LEOMINSTER, Mass. – (June 7, 2022) – Launch Entertainment, a leading operator and franchisor of innovative, year-round family entertainment centers, continues to expand its footprint in Massachusetts. Launch franchisees, Mark and Christine Emma, are currently transitioning what once housed a Toys “R” Us into the sixth Launch Entertainment location in the state. The latest family entertainment center will be located at The Mall at Whitney Field in Leominster, Massachusetts. 

The city of Leominster holds a special place in Mark’s heart — this is where he grew up! When Mark was younger, the city was alive with places to shop, eat, and play. Over the years, the Emmas saw the place they call home drastically changed. Businesses in the area dwindled away, either closing shop or relocating to larger cities. With slim to no options for their 12-year-old son and his friends to enjoy themselves as Mark did growing up, Mark and Christine decided it was time to make a difference and begin to revitalize the community and its businesses. They began researching business opportunities that would benefit the community and jumped at the chance to open their very own Launch Entertainment. 

“We were introduced to the family entertainment center franchise when our son was seven,” said Christine. “We immediately fell in love with Launch Entertainment’s concept, leadership, and ability to evolve with the times. Our goal is to rekindle the city of Leominster and surrounding communities. It’s a community that’s been neglected for years. With Launch opening at The Mall at Whitney Field, we can provide a safe, fun, active, and inclusive environment for children, teens, parents, and grandparents to enjoy. We hope to drive significant foot traffic in the area and, in turn, help attract other businesses to invest or reinvest in our community.” 

Launch Entertainment, headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, is one of the fastest-growing family entertainment concepts in the United States. The state-of-the-art family entertainment center franchise was founded in 2012 by Rob and Erin Arnold. Launch offers a differentiated entertainment experience with a wide variety of attractions and amenities for all ages. 

The Leominster location will include Launch’s signature trampolines, eight lanes of bowling, XP Arena, Omni Virtual Reality, ninja course, battle pit, rock wall, x-treme dodgeball, basketball dunk lanes, a full arcade, birthday party rooms, Krave restaurant and Bar Hops beverage service, and more. 

The Emma family knows the value of a fun-filled experience with a great atmosphere to celebrate birthdays, family gatherings, church events, work outings, or just a date night that everyone in the surrounding community can enjoy. Mark and Christine are planning to offer bowling and dodgeball leagues for both children and adults in the city. They also plan to host special weekly events like Toddler Time, Teen Nights, V.I.P. Time, and 21+ Nights to create an inclusive atmosphere where all residents can find a sense of community. 

“We started this journey with Launch Entertainment in 2018,” said Mark. “It’s been a long time coming, and we are beyond excited to open our doors. Our intention is to not only make an impact on our community and those we serve but also help Leominster thrive once again. Launch will provide an outlet to countless people and create memories that will last a lifetime. We are eager to welcome guests in the Fall. I know our son can’t wait.” 

The Leominster family entertainment center, located at 118 Commercial Rd., is slated to open in late November, just in time for the holiday season.

“The opening of our sixth location in the state of Massachusetts is yet another indication that our ongoing expansion efforts are effective,” said Launch CEO Rob Arnold. “Mark and Christine have what it takes to not only become productive business owners but make a true impact in Leominster and the surrounding communities while doing so. This location will provide the entertainment the city of Leominster is yearning for and beyond. We look forward to the impact Launch will have within this community.”

Launch Entertainment currently has 28 locations operating in 13 states across the nation. The rapid expansion of the family entertainment franchise continues by the hour, with numerous other locations in various stages of development. 

Visit for more information. 

For franchising information, visit



Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Rob and Erin Arnold, Launch Entertainment is an innovative leader in the family entertainment industry. What started as an indoor trampoline park for kids has evolved into a year-round, all-inclusive family entertainment center featuring an XP Arena, ninja courses, climbing walls, laser tag, battle pits, bowling, giant trampoline surfaces, and more. As an ideal space for kids and adults alike, Launch offers a safe and enjoyable environment for date nights, birthday parties, family events, corporate events, church outings, fundraisers, and other get-togethers. Currently, there are 28 parks open and operating in 13 states, with numerous others in development across the country.

Starting an entertainment business can be quite the lucrative career. There are many activities to consider for family entertainment, but one that really jumps out is a laser tag business. Traditionally, it’s a family favorite. Stepping into the dark arena with glow in the dark obstacles while donning your light up vest and clutching your laser gun…it’s quite the experience, for any guest. 

But, for most entertainment businesses, it’s not enough to just offer one experience, especially when there’s always space for more. 

Below, we’ll detail why laser tag is better suited integrated along with a plethora of other exciting activities rather than investing in a standalone laser tag franchise. 

Is a laser tag business profitable in today’s world?

Starting a laser tag business can be profitable, but there’s quite a laundry list of cons that accompany the task. For example, competition can be high when it comes to a laser tag business, so analyzing the market and finding the demand is a huge step.

There are plenty of areas to stumble during the process. From finding the right supplier to low margins, and everything in between. Going this alone can be quite a challenge. 

It can also become quite costly fairly quickly. The overhead expenses and taxes alone could put you in the red before your grand opening. 

What Equipment is Necessary to Start Your Own Laser Tag Business?

A laser tag facility requires a significant amount of square footage and equipment. Starting a laser tag business requires necessary equipment. An obstacle course adds an element of fun to the space. Of course, that includes décor. Many times, since laser tag is a game with darker lighting, most of the décor is glow in the dark, creating an exciting atmosphere. 

Equipment is needed including laser tag guns and vests with operating software that responds to being hit. Management software and other miscellaneous items should be accounted for as well. 

How much space do you need?

Typically, in a standalone facility it would need to be at least 5,000 to 6,000 square feet for a laser tag business.

Why is it better to include laser tag as an additional activity to a range of services?

Laser tag can be enjoyable for a variety of groups, but to really utilize the space to earn the most profit, it shouldn’t be the only activity offered. Having multiple activities such as dodgeball, trampoline courts, rock climbing, arcade, and so much more takes your space to the next level. 

On top of that, most standalone laser tag businesses do not have food options. Ensuring that your customers have food and beverages while they get all their energy out is essential to top tier entertainment. This type of service guarantees repeat customers, customers staying longer at your establishment, and the highest potential for a successful business. 

Is it better to own a franchise?

Yes, a franchise is certainly more reliable than going into business ownership alone, especially starting a laser tag business. Franchises offer more structure, extensive training, and support, help with negotiations, and you’re more likely to gain financial support when joining a franchise. Since they’re a proven concept, a financial team finds them more trustworthy. 

How does Launch Entertainment manage to integrate laser tag into their facility?

At Launch Entertainment, laser tag is just one of the incredible activities we offer. We’ve taken it to the next level by branding our laser tag, “Fury Laser Tag.” We have two experiences for customers to enjoy: joining forces with United Earth or the Martian Syndicate, where players can achieve bragging rights in the state-of-the-art arena. 

Consider Launch Entertainment as Your Business Endeavor

Deciding to go into business ownership is an adventure. You should be able to have all the benefits that come with business ownership, but also have fun while doing so and choose the least stressful option. By joining Launch Entertainment, all the hard decisions are removed from your experience. You have a knowledgeable team right behind you, every step of the way, setting you up for the best chance of success. 

It’s worth investing in a franchise like Launch over a standalone laser tag business because you’re able to really utilize the entire space, and curate an experience that laser tag alone simply can’t compare. Launch Entertainment has a proven history with repeat customers and prioritizing a memorable experience for all ages. 

If you’re ready to take the next step in owning your own family entertainment center, fill out this form and one of our franchise development representatives will be in touch.