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Tumble Traks

Become an Olympic champion on the Launch Franchise B Tumble Traks! These extra long trampolines allow you to do flips and tricks across the room.

Foam Pit

The giant foam pit at Launch Franchise B is the perfect attraction to soar through the air! Our foam pit safely catches you after performing all of your tricks!


Whether it is handmade pizza, fresh salads, or delicious treats, Launch Franchise B has it all! All our food features fresh ingredients, made to order right in front of your eyes! Krave pizza is the best pizza in town, but don’t forget to save some room for our signature dessert…

Indoor Playground

Launch Franchise B even has activities for the smallest of kids! Young children can climb, swing, slide and explore at our indoor playground. This is the perfect place with families with small children.


Balance is key while experiencing Launch Franchise B‘s slackline. One wrong step could have you falling into the foam pit!

Launch Pad

At Launch Franchise B, you can fly through the air practicing tricks like a stuntman, and land on a big soft airbag! The Launch Pad is the perfect place to challenge your friends to the see who can perfect the coolest trick.


The fun never ends at Launch in Franchise B. Grab a friend and play the variety of arcade games that Launch has to offer. Win tickets and redeem them for awesome prizes!

Battle Pit

Don’t miss out on Launch Franchise B‘s battle pit, where you can joust your friends on the battle beam or test your balance on the slack line. Our multi-attraction battle pit provides a number of activities for friends and family. Watch your balance – one wrong step can land you…

The Challenger

It’s a challenge unlike any other. Try conquering obstacles such as our high flying trapeze, the spider wall, or the warped wall in Launch Franchise B‘s state-of-the-art Ninja Course. We offer lanes that cater to all skill levels. You could become the next Ninja Warrior!


Come challenge yourself to reach the top of Cliffhanger, our indoor mountain rock climbing wall. We have options for all skill levels, so join us at Launch in Franchise B and reach new heights!