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We welcome you to the Mine Shaft, the ultimate escape room experience @LaunchLansing where all your clues are right in front of your eyes and you won’t find any clues sketched into the walls, ceilings, or floor boards.  Now remember, the mine tunnels are dark, so utilize your trusty lantern to help guide your way.  Keep your feet grounded at all times as static electricity has been reported by past miners.  They say that two heads are better than one.  Well in the mine shaft, multiple hands are better than one holds true as well.  We wish for your safe return miners, your time is valuable.  You have 10 minutes…. or maybe more…. good luck on a safe return!


Combo Pricing

  • Add a Launch Escape Experience to a Supreme Fun Combo, and Epic Fun Combo for just $5.00!

General Admission Pricing

  • $10 for 1 experience
  • $7.50 for a second experience