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Tumble Traks

Tumbles, cartwheels, backflips, and more can be done on Launch Franchise C‘s Tumble Traks! The extra long trampolines make it easy for you to show off your flips and tricks in front of all your friends.

Foam Pit

This isn’t your normal foam pit! Our GIANT foam pit at Launch Franchise C gives you all the space to plan your greatest trick and fall safely into the pit. You and your friends can jump all at the same time.


Get ready to duck in Meltdown, the awesome attraction that makes you feel like a contestant on a gameshow! This Launch Franchise C attraction makes you jump over rotating arms that are coming toward you, but watch out – you don’t know which direction they are coming from!


The Launch Franchise C bowling alley is the best place around for a night out with friends after work or on a rainy day. Three stikes in a row earns you a turkey – but beware of the gutter ball!


This is not your typical maze! Breakout at Launch Franchise C is the ultimate maze where you have to slide, duck, and crawl through laser beams to make it to the other side. Challenge your friends to see who can get through the maze first without touching a laser beam!


At Launch Franchise C, you can have your food your way! Choose from a handmade Krave pizza with your favorite topping or fresh salad! If you have a sweet tooth, our signature dessert bar and create your own ice cream sundae will satisfy your cravings. You can even choose from…

Launch Eats

Re-energize for another round on the trampolines or at one of our other great attractions with a quick bite at Launch Eats! Launch Franchise C has everything you need to fuel your fun, from pizzas, fountain drinks, slushies, snacks, ice cream and more!

Indoor Playground

Are the trampolines too big for your kids? No worries, Launch Franchise C has you covered! Our indoor playground is perfect for small children to safely swing, slide, climb, and explore in a fun world that is made for their size and abilites.

Stunt Tower

The Stunt Tower challenges all who dare to step off a 20-foot tall tower! Your adrenaline will be pumping as you free-fall onto a giant airbag. Test your stuntman skills at Launch Franchise C!

The Adrenalator

The Adrenalator is the best ninja course around! Compete against your friends to the finish line, just like an American Gladiator. Will you become the Grand Champion of Launch Franchise C‘s obstacle course?