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launch lansing memberships


Select from Monthly or Annual Memberships



Launch is guaranteed fun!


What’s included:

Jump Membership Pass Holders receive one 2 HR jump session per day (No Blackout Dates) during normal hours of operation

Laser Tag Membership Pass Holders receive Unlimited laser tag sessions per day (No Blackout Dates) during normal hours of operation

Jump & Laser Tag Memberships Pass Holders receive all benefits listed above for Jump & Laser Tag Memberships

(Please see FAQ for additional information and restrictions)



Membership  FAQ:


Does my membership auto renew? No, your membership does not automatically renew whether you are on a monthly or annual plan.  It is your responsibility to renew your membership and then we will update your membership card on your next visit to our facility upon receiving your membership renewal payment.

Can my membership be used by someone else?  No, your membership is only to be used by the named individual on the pass and it is non-transferable.  If you provide access to your membership to someone else, we reserve the right to terminate your membership without a refund.


Can I use my membership to join private events, group events, and birthday parties? Your membership is only valid during regular business hours, and therefore private events would be excluded for use. For group events and birthday parties, you are welcome to use your membership during these events, but only specifically for the activities your membership is valid for.  In other words, if the party package gets arcade cards, you won’t receive an arcade card, because your membership doesn’t include arcade.  


Do I have to have my membership card with me for every visit?  Yes, we will deny access if you don’t have your membership card with you.


Do I have to have a valid waiver and Launch Grip Socks?  Yes, you are always required to have a valid waiver on file that we must verify prior to providing you access every visit.  In addition, you will always be required to have Launch Grip Socks if you are planning on jumping.  


What happens if the park is at capacity when I arrive?  You are encouraged to reserve your spot online with your designated code prior to arrival.  That said, should you arrive without a reservation we will work with you to try and see if any future time slots are open and reserve a spot for you if any are available.


Can I use my membership twice in the same day?  No, memberships are valid for one visit/transaction per day.


Are there any blackout dates for my membership? An active membership is valid anytime we have “regular” business hours and are open to the public. We reserve the right to book private events and therefore our business hours could occasionally impact our “regular” hours of operation.  Our hours will also change seasonally and therefore so will the times you can access the park.


Is my membership eligible for use at other Launch Parks?  No, your membership is only valid at the park it was purchased from.


What are the circumstances that could void my membership?  We reserve the right to void any membership without refund for any reason we deem necessary.  That said, we value your business and therefore would only take this action as an extreme measure based on your actions.  This would mainly be for failure to follow our facility guidelines and you ignoring our staff direction and guidance to do so, or by not adhering to our guidelines of sharing your membership card with non-members.  

Can I reserve a spot online with my membership?  Yes, you will receive a handout your first visit to our facility after purchase that outlines how to use your unique membership code on how to reserve online if you so choose to do so.