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Trampoline Courts

Experience our trampoline attractions and defy gravity at Launch in Watertown, MA! Launch yourself on our trampoline courts and see what it’s like to literally bounce off the walls. Rain or shine, don’t just bounce, LAUNCH!


This isn’t your average game of dodgeball. Playing your opponents is a lot more fun when you are catching massive height on our trampolines! Play with your friends or coworkers and test your throwing arm and jumping skills here at Launch in Watertown, MA.


Practice your best trampoline tricks while making baskets at Launch in Watertown, MA. Our slam dunk basketball courts let you jump as high as Lebron while scoring points like Kobe. Challenge your friends to score the most points today.

Foam Pit

The giant foam pit at Launch Watertown, MA is the perfect attraction to soar through the air! Our foam pit safely catches you after performing all of your tricks!

Tumble Traks

Become an Olympic champion on the Launch Watertown, MA Tumble Traks! These extra long trampolines allow you to do flips and tricks across the room.

Fury Laser Tag

Enter into Fury, our immersive laser tag experience. Launch in Watertown, MA’s state-of-the-art arena puts gamers to the test and forces them to join the Martian Syndicate or Team United Earth to battle for the galaxy! Pick a team, gear up, and get ready to compete!

Note: Laser Tag has a height requirement of 45″

Stunt Tower

Take the plunge and free-fall from 20 feet in the air at Launch Watertown, MA! This attraction is sure to get your aderaline pumping as you fall through the air onto a giant airbag. Will you be able to take the leap?

Note: Stunt Tower has a height requirement of 45″

Launch Eats

All that jumping can definitely work up an appetite. Fuel your fun at Launch Eats in Watertown, MA, which serves up awesome pizzas, fountain drinks, slushies, snacks, ice cream and more!


The fun never ends at Launch in Watertown, MA. Grab a friend and play the variety of arcade games that Launch has to offer. Win tickets and redeem them for awesome prizes!